Language Materials


Kluane Southern Tutchone Glossary

by: Daniel Tlen

This glossary can be ordered through the Yukon Native Language Centre. Click on the image to go to their website.



Southern Tutchone Language Lessons

Kluane Dialect by: Lena Johnson

This publication and accompanying audio CD is available for purchase through YNLC.





Southern Tutchone Placenames

Click the image to view the online version of Dáykeyi and interactive map to learn about place names in the Southern Tutchone regions in dän kʼè. This publication can also be purchased in hard copy from the YNLC

ynlc publications

Yukon Native Language Centre Publications List 2014-2015

Additional publications can be ordered from the YNLC using their order form.





STTC- Literacy Workshop 1998

Collected works of the Southern Tutchone Literacy Workshop hosted by the STTC. Booklet contains the three Southern Tutchone dialects.